Jerry lee lewis - lil' bit of gold [vol. 2] - Grammy 2008 - John Fogerty, Little Richard & Jerry Lee Lewis

Joe Fowlkes, a Tennessee lawyer, likes to tell about the time in the mid-1980s when he heard Jerry Lee do four hours at his piano without a break, after he was already supposed to have been dead at least twice. “We all went to see him at the dance hall at 100 Oaks” in Nashville, he recalls. “They called it a dance hall because it was better than calling it a beer joint.” Jerry Lee showed up looking a little worn and pale, and he started off slow – “it was kind of gradual, like watching a jet taking off”– but he played and he played and he played, and it was three o’clock in the morning before he got done. “He kind of got his colour back, after a while. By in the morning, he was lookin’ good. He played every song I’d ever heard in my life, including Jingle Bells and the Easter Bunny song. And it was July. It was the best concert I’d ever been to. I saw Elvis. I saw James Brown.” But Jerry Lee – “He was the best.”

Lewis embarked on a solo career in the 1950s. His solo film debut, The Delicate Delinquent, was released in 1957. He appeared in more than 40 films from 1957 to 2016. Selected films include It’s Only Money (1962), The Ladies Man (1961) and The Nutty Professor (1963). Lewis’ directorial debut was the comedy, The Bellboy (1960). He wrote, directed, produced and starred in a number of his own films. Lewis was awarded the Emmy Governors Award in 2005, and France’s Legion of Honor Award in 1984. He was honored with 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame including one for motion pictures. He’s also won several lifetime achievement awards for his contribution to the entertainment industry.

Jerry Lee Lewis - Lil' Bit Of Gold [Vol. 2]Jerry Lee Lewis - Lil' Bit Of Gold [Vol. 2]Jerry Lee Lewis - Lil' Bit Of Gold [Vol. 2]Jerry Lee Lewis - Lil' Bit Of Gold [Vol. 2]