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The bignose shark (Carcharhinus altimus) ... The upper teeth number 14–16 rows on either side and have tall, broad, triangular cusps with serrated edges; ...

Tiger sharks are generally considered slow and sluggish, but their fins are capable of fast bursts of energy when they're tracking prey. Like other sharks, the tiger shark moves with its fins. The main factors in mobility are the pectoral fin and the caudal fin , or the tail. The dorsal fins on top help the tiger shark change directions. Like other shark species, they also have vibration detectors along their sides that help them to detect movement in the water. Tiger sharks have very thick hides, once described by a scientist as six to 10 times the strength of an ox hide [source: Tennesen ].

Barium liquid can also be taken as a drink and is used to obtain clear X-ray pictures of the upper gut - the gullet (oesophagus), stomach and small intestine. See separate leaflet called Barium Swallow/Meal/Follow Through for more details .

Big Nurse - SerratedBig Nurse - SerratedBig Nurse - SerratedBig Nurse - Serrated