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Joshua’s Long Day & Planet X
This illustration shows how the day was extended by twelve hours in “Joshua’s long day”. When Planet-7X (7xEarth Diameter) passed between the Earth and Moon, the electromagnetic plasma field gradually interfered with the electromagnetic energy flowing from the Sun to the Earth’s poles. The Earth’s magnetosphere protected them in part from the plasma’s harmful effects, but the electromagnetic energy field the Earth needs to rotate on its axis will gradually diminish, and then stops and the rotation will not restart until it travels past the plasma field of Planet-7X. The Biblical example tells us of a 12 hour regular day, with a 12 hour extended day of daylight; that is a total of 24 hours of effect on the Earth’s rotation, from deceleration to accelerating back to its normal rate of rotation.

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Raimo Sirkiä - Jää Mun LähelleinRaimo Sirkiä - Jää Mun LähelleinRaimo Sirkiä - Jää Mun LähelleinRaimo Sirkiä - Jää Mun Lähellein